Be a Convener

One of the main things we do in the sukkah is come together to learn, to teach and to explore. So, if you have something you want to teach the community, a workshop you want to run, or a conversation you want to host, we hope you’ll sign up to be a guide at How We Gather: The Vassar Sukkah Project. If you have any difficulties or challenges registering, please be in touch. 

The Jewish tradition teaches that absolutely everyone -- including you -- has a small piece of the Truth with a capital T.

If you have a little slice of Truth you'd like to share with the Vassar

 community, please sign up below to be a guide - to teach a class, to lead a workshop, to facilitate a discussion at How We Gather. 

You can guide:

  • a discussion, class, workshop or virtually any other gathering you can imagine;

  • something which comes from a specific faith tradition or not;

  • We encourage you to reflect the theme of "how we gather" in some way. Creativity encouraged!

  • We ask that any individual or group sign up for only one session to give many people the opportunity to share.

You cannot guide:

  • a commercial gathering - all events are freely offered;

  • a program which endorses a political candidate;

  • an illegal program;

  • a program which involves glass or open flames; 

  • a program which disparages any people or groups.

Please feel free to reach out to Rachlin Director of Jewish Life Liz Aeschlimann at to discuss your ideas.

After you submit your form below, we'll email you with the assigned time for your gathering. 

Please note: The sukkah has only tables and chairs - that's it. If there is anything else you need participants to have, please plan on bringing it. If you have any questions, please be in touch!


Liz Aeschlimann

Director of Jewish Student Life

& Assistant Director of Religious & Spiritual Life & Contemplative Practices


Rev. Sam Speers

Associate Dean for Religious & Spiritual Life & Contemplative Practices