Not Your Parents' Rabbi

Dinner & Discussion

with Rabbi Brent Spodek

Mondays, 5-6:30 @ the Bayit

Talk about things that matter. Eat tasty food.

October 29 | Jewish Approaches to Social Justice

וצדקה - often (mis)-translated as charity, tzedakah is the practice of addressing not only affects, but structures of injustice. What is the spiritual practice of addressing the structures which create the reality we wish to change?

November 5 | I (don't) believe in God I

It can be easier to reject an antiquated theological framework in which we don’t believe than it can be to articulate what we do believe. We’ll be looking at a number of contemporary Jewish theologians whose approach to Divinity might speak to contemporary seekers, including Marcia Falk, Michael Fishbane and Alan Lew.

November 12 | I (don't) believe in God II

See above

November 19 | Jewish Approaches to Spiritual Practice

ותפילה - usually understood as prayer, tefilah can be thought of as practices which enable us to still our chattering minds. Can we develop simple, accessible and authentic forms of spiritual practice?


November 26 | Jewish Approaches to Relationship
ותשובה - Often translated as repentance, teshuvah is better understood as the practice of empathetic listening to self and others. How do we cultivate the spiritual practice of creatively listening to ourselves and others?


Liz Aeschlimann

Director of Jewish Student Life

& Assistant Director of Religious & Spiritual Life & Contemplative Practices


Rev. Sam Speers

Associate Dean for Religious & Spiritual Life & Contemplative Practices